bursell : the skating hook release rig

When dead baiting for pike or other predators it can be very difficult to hook the fish well, if the predator locks its jaws solid over the fish: Because the hooks sits in the bait you cannot move the hooks and hook the predator before you actually move the bait. And – if the bait is locked 100 % solidly between the jaws of death – you can strike as much as you want without being able to set the hooks.

This problem is effectively solved with my Skating Hook Release Rig – where you obtain a 100 % reversible moving-hook effect when the hooks “skates” over the bait in the strike - despite the bait being locked unwavering between the jaws of the predator. This rig also enables you to scale 1-2 hook sizes down because the hook exposure is superior compared to other normal dead bait rigs – leading to a better penetration. Or – to put it short – The Skating Hook Rig is without comparison the most effective dead bait rig for medium to large baitfish. For medium to large baitfish in the 18-30 cm range two hooks on fx 30-40 lbs wire in fx size 8-6 is fine, but with large baits in the 30-40 cm range, I recommend three size 4 hooks on a 50 lbs wire.

Buy all the parts for The Skating Hook Rig.

For small and slim dead baits up to 15-18 centimetres I recommend you to use The Switch Rig.

The Skating Hook Release Rigs is made for casting with casting clips – I recommend the JB Camo Clip also found at releaserigshop.com

The Skating Hook Release Rig






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