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With the Releasefly Connectors from Jens Bursell, everybody - even beginners - can enjoy the advantages of micro trebles in terms of much higher landing rates and doing significantly less damage to the fish. The Releasefly Connector can also be used with singlehook – see below.

Video (English)


With the Releasefly Connector for modified singlehook flies you get the following advantages:

  • 80-100 % higher landing rates*
  • Shorter unhooking times
  • Smaller hook wounds and less bleeding
  • Possible to unhook even deeply hooked fish 100 % under water with disgorger – se how at https://vimeo.com/165110048
  • All knots can be used
  • All tippet and trace materials can be used
  • Available in following colors: transparent, red, neon orange, neon yellow and bronze.
  • Use with the treble hook Owner ST 36 BC X size 14

See detailed tips on the use in the video – and we recommend all users to read the supporting advice below the dealer links.


Releasefly Connectors for pike flies are sold via releaserigshop.com




Jens Bursell – Releaserigshop.com

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  1. See how to modify the fly and mount the Releasefly Connector in the video. Here you can also see how the microtreble or -single is semi-fixed in the connector. NB: It´s very important that you mount the hook correctly with one hook branch/point pointing away from the fly – and two branches/points turning up against the fly. This will give the highest landing rate.

  2. The first time you push the hook into the connector it’s very tight – and a bit to tight to release the right way when you hook a fish. Therefore you must click it out and slide it in again two times so the initial stiffness of the plastic is reduced before starting fishing.

  3. Always fish with the rod pointing straight at the fly.

  4. With the fly rod you fish as you would do normally.

  5. With spinningrod, bombardafloat and braided main line: Set the clutch relatively hard at 1-1,1 kilos. Never strike – just wind fast up on the fish, lift the rod and keep tight line & full pressure all the time. When you have full pressure on the fish and it has been shaking its head 2-3 times - loosen the clutch a bit to 0,9 kilos and fight the fish normally.

  6. While fishing – regularly look at the connector and be sure, that the hook sits in the right position.

  7. Always keep an eye on the connectors. In the same way as hooks at some point sooner or later will go blunt – the release-connector will also gradually loose its holding power because of mechanical wear: If you get to the point where the hook sits too lose to be orientated right all the time – change to a new Releasefly Connector: Take a plier and press it hard over the Releasefly Connector so it splits and falls off. Mount a new Releasefly Connector with a drop of superglue.

  8. The release-connectors are made of biodegradable plastic, but this does not mean, that you can just throw it in the nature. As other types of plastic we advise you to dispose this in the right fraction at the recycling center.

  9. The insert hole in the Releasefly Connector is made for hooks in the size 8-4 rages with wires of approximately 0,8 x 1,0 mm. The wire shall sit tightly in the hole but don’t attempt to violate the insert hole with much bigger hooks as this can cause the connector to break.

  10. If the hook sits a bit too loose in the insert hole – wind flytying thread around the wire with a drop of superglue to block it up to the right diameter. Alternatively use epoxyglue. But – with a tight fit – one drop of superglue is enough to fix the Releasefly Connector perfectly to the original hookwire.

  11. Do not attempt to fit in larger trebles into the release-connector, as this can damage the material and the holding power – plus cause fractures and malfunction of the product.

  12. If you need advice – or have a problem – please contact Jens Bursell at jens@bursell.dk.


*) Statistics are based on fishing in areas where the majority of trout is 40-45 cm+. This method is designed to maximize landing rates of legal sized seatrout over 40-45 cm – and to minimize landing rates on sub legal sized fish < 40 cm, that are better off not being landed at all. In the statistics traditional singlehooked flies sz. 8-4 that normally gives a landing rates of 43 % are compared to same flies modified and fished with Releasefly Connectors mounted with a size 14 Owner ST 36 BC X treble.






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