bursell : release hook link

If you want maximize your landing rate and minimize the damage on the fish, the release hook link – originally designed by Jens Bursell - is the most easy and obvious way to mount your hooks on small to medium sized hard baits up to 60-80 gram. This hook link gives a 100 % leverage free mount of your hooks, so you are guaranteed that neither hooks or hook hold will be overstressed, if leverage arise during fight. On most small to medium sized baits this set-up will increase your landing rate with 80-90 %, because it enables you to scale down your hooks 3-5 hook sizes.

This rig is especially well suited for crank baits because you don’t need to modify the bait. Because the hook link is fixed in the front of the bait – and the bait is mounted in the trace with a normal cross-lock – even the smallest baits gets a perfect natural movement identical to the original lure.

Buy all the materials for the release hook link

Read all about how to make this rig in my book “Pike Fever”.

Read how to fish your release hooklink with a T-link in order to improve hook exposure and hook steering as shown on the photo above.

The ready kits for release hooks links sold at releaserigshop.com does not include materials for T-links.

Release Hook Link






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