bursell : claw connector

The Claw Connector by Jens Bursell is a very simple way of obtaining much higher landing rates on small to medium sized baits. With these simple curved hook extensions made from stainless steel wire, you obtain a much better hook exposure enabling you to scale down your hooks in order to improve your penetration and hookhold. The curved shape reduces the risk of leverage and the orienteering of the eyes makes it possible to steer the orientation of the hook in order to maximize gape exposure and penetration. The beauty of this set-up is that you can improve your landing rate without having any special rigs at all – so you can be using all the traces you already have.

YOU CAN BUY READY MADE CLAW CONNECTORS FOR SEATROUT IN-LINE LURES HERE – AND FOR NORMAL LURES HERE. These Claw connectors can also be used for other predators such as pike, zander, salmon or seabass.

With the right material and tools it is very easy to make your own claw connectors. You can buy the perfect stainless steel wire for claw connectors for the purpose.

If you want to weight compensate, so the bait gets the same sinking rate as with the original tools – you simply mount tungsten beads on your connectors.


Tungsten beads
Tungsten bead slotted 08 gram

For making the Claw Connectors you need a needle nose plier, a round nose plier + a powerful cutting plier for biting off the wire tags after twisting the eyes of the claw connector:

Buy my favorite Claw Connector tools.

Learn more about how to make claw connectors in my book “Pike Fever”.

Claw Connector






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