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Personal details:

Born in Denmark 1967, married, two kids and live in Lynge.


MSc. Biology, University of Copenhagen , 1999 (13/13). Editor, author, freelance journalist and photographer. Have worked as editor on the danish/norwegian outdoor/travelling magazine Adventure World, editor-in-chief on the business magazine PackMarkedet, editor on the scandinavian fishingmagazine Fiske-feber and now as editor-in-chief at the danish fishingmagazine Fisk & Fri - www.fiskogfri.com. Additionally I work as freelancephotographer for the photoagency Scanpix/Biofoto.

I have been in the field of outdoor photography and freelance journalism since 1987. Since then I have published 11 books, thousands of photos and more than 300 articles in 11 languages. My freelancework have Since 2001 been mediated via Outdoor Consult, who specialize in photos, articles, books and slideshows covering fishing-, outdoor- and travellingadventures.


  • 08/06 - now Editor-in-Chief at the danish fishingmagazine Fisk og Fri - www.fiskogfri.com
  • 10/04 - 09/05 Editor on the danish/swedish fishingmagazine Fiske-Feber - www.fiske-feber.dk
  • 05/04 Join the photoagency Scanpix/Biofoto - www.scanpix.dk
  • 06/03 – 10/04 Editor-in-Chief of the dansish businessmagazine "PackMarkedet" - www.mediamind.dk, www.packmarkedet.dk
  • 2/02 – 05/03 Editor, writer and photographer on the danish/norwegian outdoor- and travellingmagazine Adventure World (www.adventureworld.dk). Freelance editor at Politikens Publications (10 sjællandske søer, Politikens Aktivguides)
  • 10/99 MSc. Biology, University of Copenhagen (13/13). Thesis: Winterecology of forerestbirds in old-growth vs managed deciduous woodland - density-index, microhabitats and anti-predationtactics.
  • 1992 Joined the photoagency Natural Science Photos (UK).
  • 06/86 Matriculation, Marie Kruses Skole, Farum.


  • 10/06 ”Politikens Lystfiskerbog” (all-round fishingbook), Politikens Publications 2006, Denmark, 256 pages (main editor, author and photographer). www.politkensforlag.dk
  • 04/04 ”Eräretkeilyopas” ( outdoorbook), Otava Publications, Finland (250 p. – mainauthor, photographer and editor). www.otava.fi
  • 04/04 ”Friluftsliv – under åpen himmel året rundt” ( outdoorbook), Landbruksforlaget , Norway (250 p. – mainauthor, photographer and editor).
  • 02/04 Publishes threee guestchaptors in the fishing- and travellingbook "Globetrotters Quest" by Tony Davies-Patrick, Westerlaan Publsihing, 2004 , UK.
  • 04/03 “Friedfische anglen” ( fishingbook - author and photographer), 128 p, Müller Rüschlikon/Bucheli Verlag 2003, Schweiz.
  • 09/02 ”Friluftsliv – under åben himmel året rundt” ( outdoorbook), Politikens Publications (250 p. – mainauthor, photographer and editor),Denmark.
  • 03/01 ”Lov Kapitalnich Ryb” (Czech version of the fishingbook "Specimenhunting"), Agentura Fox, 2001, Czech Republic.
  • 06/00 ”Backpacker” (travellingbook), Mosegaards Publications 2000, 176 p. with Claus Qvist. Denmark
  • 11/99 ” Medefiskeri” (fishingbook), Mosegaards Publications 1999, 77 p. Denmark .
  • 05/99 ”Specimen Hunting”,Müller Rüschlikon Verlag/Bucheli Verlag 1999, Schweiz, 290 p. (mainauthor, photographer and editor). This book is also published in Denmark with the title ”Specimen Mede” on Mosegaard Publications 1999.
  • 05/89 Publishes the fishingbook ”Moderne Medefiskeri” (Skarv/Høst & Søns Publications, 192 p. Manuscript basis for the film "Karpefiskeri", by Jens Plough Hansen - JPH Naturfoto, 1992.

Scientific articles:

  • 07/07 "Why dark plumage of the European Blackbirds Turdus merula?", Ludwik Tomialojc & Jens Bursell, Lundiana 7(2):127-132, 2006
  • 01/03 ”Background matching and evolution of cryptic colors of selected passerines in deciduos woodlands”, by Jens Bursell & Jan Dyck, Lundiana, vol 4, no. 1.
  • 12/02 “ Winter densities of hole-nesting temperate forest birds in natural old-growth woods versus managed woods – with emphasis on exploitation of dead wood as foraging substrates in natural old-growth forests” by Jens Bursell i in Acta Ornitologica 37 (2).
  • 1992 Publishes paper in Gabar, African Raptor Biology; "Aggressive interaction between Giant Eagle Owl and African Fish Eagle" (Gabar, 7,(2), 66, 1992).

Non-scientific articles in commercial magazines:

Fisch und Fang, Der Raubfisch, Carp Connect (Germany), Pike and Predators, Coarseangling Today, Pike and Predator, Carp World, Carp Talk (UK), Beet, Karper, Karperwereld, Witwis Totaal, De Roofvis, Het Visblad (Holland), Predators, Media Carpe (France), Trofeo Pesca (Spain), Acta Ornithologica (Poland), Cesky Rybar (Czech Republic), Magyar Horg�sz (Hungary), Lundiana (Brazil), Gabar (Kenya) , Fiske-feber, Fiskejournalen, PackMarknadan, AGI - Aktuel Grafisk Information (Sweden), Kalastus (Finland), Adventure World, Emballering, Alt om fiske (Norway). Fiske-feber, Fisk og Fri, Fiskeavisen, Sportsfiskeren, Adventure World, PackMarkedet, Natur og Milj�, AGI - Aktuel Grafisk Information (Denmark).




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